Performed cross-platform data migration of patient records. Computer repair is the process of identifying, troubleshooting and resolving problems and issues in a faulty computer. Installed, modified, maintained and developed Computer Hardware and Software Systems. Removed viruses and spyware, recovered data, and optimized software. * Maintained a LAN Network Analyzed and resolved software and hardware issues for end users on Windows based machines. Provided customer service and support. Click on the arrow pointing down (1) to bring up a drop down list,. The page must have the word California but doesn’t matter where and it’ll exclude pages that say “geeksquad” on them. Launched strategic business performing services for home users and small business owners. preparing cost estimates for new installations. Consulted with costumers regarding technological needs as technical problems. Serviced and maintained web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Handled twenty to thirty customers computer repair/upgrade needs at one time using a HTML/internet based queue system. How to Repair a Computer. Diagnosed, repaired, and built computers and computer issues. Software like Acronis TrueImage or Macrium Reflect have changed the way I not only sell backup systems, but handle work in the shop. Introduced cleaning techniques and supplies specifically for working with computer components that increased the capabilities of the team. Diagnosed and repaired or remediate computer software and hardware issues Diagnosed, and repaired hardware and software issues while providing data transfer and disaster recovery services. Experienced in helping a wide variety of individuals solve computer hardware and software issues. Set up network and manage connections. Performed secure data wiping using Department of Defense (DOD) standards of 3-pass wiping using various software applications. LEARNING OUTCOMES: LO 1. Let's find out what skills a Computer Repair Technician actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. Repaired and maintained computers and servers MODULE CONTENT QUALIFICATION COMPUTER SYSTEM SERVICING NC II UNIT OF COMPETENCY MAINTAIN AND REPAIR COMPUTER SYSTEMS AND NETWORKS MODULE TITLE MAINTAINING AND REPAIRING COMPUTER SYSTEMS AND NETWORKS INTRODUCTION: This module covers the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to maintain and service computer systems and networks. Redesigned and implemented new personnel technical support guidelines and handbook. testing systems to make sure they are working properly. Diagnosed, Troubleshot and Repaired software and hardware related issues with Apple, PC and Android devices, and gaming consoles. Worked as a computer technician, repairing computer software and hardware. Maintained computer systems, peripheral devices and performed preventative maintenance on USAF computer systems. Installed and configured numerous computer networks including Windows NT, Novell Netware, and AS400 systems. Worked with team of technicians to solve complex problems relating to internet connectivity, hardware and software failure and network issues. This job listing such as who’s the client and where its going was also tracked by the servers. Documented, maintained, and replaced hardware and software systems. Know to setup a network with a modem, router and a few client computers. Recovered data from failed hard drives and systems. Provided explanations of the work completed as well as assist customer with any technical difficulties or knowledge issues. Provided phone support to small businesses. XC, DH, trail—our mountain bikes cover every facet of riding. Provided technical support to a variety of customers (government institutions, engineers, graphic designers, schools). Created and maintained computer networks. Electrical Generating Systems Technicians provides electrical power generation support to operational units. Used manufacturer guides to take apart laptops (Apple and IBM). Handled both house calls and more advanced cases requiring taking PCs home for further work. Maintained upgraded and repaired, 70+ computers and handled phone calls for customer support on all Brother P-Touch label machines. Performed machine assembly to produce a computerized machine that printed any loaded or scanned images onto a client's finger nails. Diagnosed testing and troubleshooting, computer and peripheral equipment repair. Editing video production. Installed, configured, and troubleshoot software applications and operating systems. Scheduled and completed onsite service calls/computer hardware repairs for homes and businesses. Worked in a team environment to install, troubleshoot, and repair computers as well as dedicated servers. Exceptional customers service skills. Performed shop and In-house repairs, software upgrades and installation of personal computer units, printers and communication devices. Performed file cleanup, RAM upgrades, power supply replacement, and backup/restore tasks requested by clients. Helped facilitate repairs of computers (both PC and Mac), mobile devices (iOS, Android). Excelled at backup and recovery of critical data. damage. Fixed a variety of hardware and software problems associated with laptops, Macs, and PCs. Performed on-site repair and preventive maintenance on personal/business computers and related peripherals. After they identify the … * Proficient in web page design, search engine optimization, and internet marketing. Im a young person just starting out and I received my degree but however most employers won’t hire me because I dont have a lot of hands on experience. Basically, if you know what the good guys look like, it makes it easy to spot the bad guys. Have an understanding of motherboard and CPU socket types. In order to maintain each device, you will want a … Diagnosed and tested of computer components. Ensured proficiency with current computer software and hardware to maintain competency in services. Diagnosed problems with peripheral devices and software settings and provided resolutions. Diagnosed and repaired laptop computers for TelePlan. You need to be able to remove tough viruses like Antivirus2009 (without formatting) and understand how to use tools like Combofix, SmitFraudFix, Hijack This!, Autoruns, Process Explorer, Malwarebytes, Superantispyware and UBCD4Win. Through theoretical and practical study, this program will prepare you for a career in this exciting and dynamic industry. Assigned tasks also included use of seasoned password recovery skills for windows and Linux machines. Most of the time, I repair my own computer. Provided continued technical support for over 100 Chase/WAMU branches in the Southern California areas to enhance customer service and banking relations. Performed routine diagnostic checks and data backup. Worked as an Independent contractor for Vans Computers repairing customer computers, or performing virus removals. PS: Will Antivirus2009 get gid of MicRo$oft. I always try to keep up with my knowledge and this article helps ensure that I do not have any gaps in my skill and knoweldge. Site to Site technician that provided maintenance and repair for computer systems. Performed on-site repair and preventative maintenance on personal computers and related peripherals such as printers and scanners. Knowing how to maintain your computer is a valuable skill. Overview. Repair electrical circuits or wiring. Build/Maintained/Deployed Ghost images to desktop and laptop computers, Repaired/upgraded desktops and laptops, including OC installs/restores/backups. Worked on different types of computers, including computers running MacOS, Linux and BSD. Removed spyware, malware and viruses from client computers. Are the internet details correct? Diagnosed problems reported by machine operators and set up persons to determine needed repairs. Solved or repaired numerous computer related problems Performed extensive spyware/malware cleaning services using pre-OS environment. Performed diagnostics on all computer related systems and repaired returned/defective computers and components. Installed software on customer's PCs, including operating systems and service packs for Windows XP. Provided technical support to customers on inbound phone calls, in-store, and on-site. Don’t be afraid to Google in front of your client either as its better to say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out” rather than continue along blindly costing your client more money. Repaired electronic equipment at the component level. Trained staff and customers in computer-system setup and maintenance. Great writing! This is an essential piece of info and resources that I could have used when I was new to the biz, and a great refresher now! Designed Basic Web Pages for small businesses. Plus it makes networking equipment look far more tidy when there isn’t a 6 foot cable connecting a router and modem 1 foot away from each other. When people call, call them back. Performed in-store computer repair, computer hardware and software troubleshooting on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP based computers and related electronics. Diagnosed and repaired issues with personal computers and other electronic devices. What They Do: General maintenance and repair workers fix and maintain machines, mechanical equipment, and buildings.. Work Environment: General maintenance and repair workers often carry out many different tasks in a single day.They could work at any number of indoor or outdoor locations. Understand different RAM types and speeds. Replaced faulty or failing/failed hardware Computer Technician Put your passion for computers, community, and leadership to use as a Computer Technician here at Data Doctors in Maricopa, AZ… + Responsibilities The main responsibilities of a Data Doctors Computer Technician are to service and repair Windows-based computer systems, both in the hardware and software areas… Performed quality control on repairs and software imaging of computers, laptops and digital cameras. We are looking for a qualified Computer Technician to install, maintain and repair computers and networks Repaired computers and provided technical support. Repaired and upgraded existing PCs, installed memory, network interface cards, hard drives, and floppy drives. Recovered data from failing hard drives using tools such as the Unix dd program under OpenBSD. Employers prefer candidates who possess the following abilities: Proposed, developed, and implemented a broken LCD recycling program to generate revenue. This will include working with the components connecting each workstation in the network. Repaired and upgraded desktop and notebook computers for various clients. Worked with clients to identify computer security vulnerabilities and provided proper training, technical support, and troubleshooting. Analyzed current usage of McAfee Encryption Software to provide security for all DoD secure data on providers and officers laptops. Computer Technician responsibilities include: Setting up hardware and installing and configure software and drivers. Yes, they can be a little expensive and yes, they take up a little room in the garage. Installed OS, software applications, anti-virus, and anti-malware software. You need to know how to get into safe mode. Help desk technicians assist individuals with day-to-day computer use, including installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of software, hardware, networking, and … Responded to over 50,000 service calls with an average of 5 minutes to correct. Identified and diagnosed software issues in the personal computers of the students and faculty and assisted with troubleshooting general technology questions. Maintain computer systems Identify faulty computer systems Test normal functions of computer systems Perform repair and replacement of faulty computer systems Adhere to the recommended schedule and techniques in maintaining and cleaning computer systems Respond to sudden breakdowns of computer systems in accordance Authorized warranty repair of computers, laptops, printers and monitors down to the component level. Diagnosed and repaired hardware problems, completely built computers, troubleshoot technical problems, and installed software applications. Refurbished used computer systems for resale. Replaced defective hardware as needed and performed virus removals. Computer repair and maintenance technicians can work in a variety of industries. Installed operating systems on multiple computers including Microsoft Windows and Linux. I’d add sfc /scannow – usually can fix many problem in a quick manner. o PC Cleanup Assisted with on-site repair and preventive maintenance on personal computers. Ability to instruct users with computer and presentation skill. Repaired, modified, and improved computers for local small business. Diagnosed and repaired retail computers and equipment *Installed new equipment for various retail companies *Communicated with users on repairs performed, Installed and configures new equipment, including operating software or peripheral. Performed software OS and application upgrades as necessary. Performed system analysis with diagnostic software and personal expertise to pinpoint problems and develop effective solutions to technical malfunctions. Installed/replaced motherboards, processors, RAM and graphics cards, etc in desktop PCs. There are many young computer geeks on the Technibble forums who are looking to make the move into turning their skills into a career. Maintained professional relationships with customers to diagnose and troubleshoot their computer problems. Repaired and performed troubleshooting/diagnostics on computer systems. However, the more skills and experience you have to offer a potential employer, the better your chances of getting the job. Computer technicians must be able to listen to the problems that employees or customers … Performed the installation of operating system/software, inspection and troubleshooting. Replaced faulty hardware components on personal computers. Performed diagnosis and repair of all Compaq computer product lines. Restored documents, libraries, photographs and other salvageable software that was on a computer hard drive. Provided computer system and software installation to customers. Replaced parts as needed, such as motherboards, CPU, RAM, LCDs, hard drives, and casings. Repaired home and business networks performed break fix duties on full hardware/software systems.Disassembled and soldered laptop components to repair damaged systems. Diagnosed client computers and operating systems. Performed Basic repair Built new computer systems. Maintained an emergency supply of computer equipment required for the Field Engineers. Maintained radius, web, email and DNS servers along with a small amount of Active Directory setup. There are all sorts of strange error messages that are fairly cryptic but lucky for us they often have an easy fix on Google since other people have already spent hours trying to figure out and succeeded. Diagnosed and repaired Compaq, Gateway, and HP Notebooks which included full disassembly, reassembly and testing. Performed computer troubleshooting installed and configured operating systems, gained networking fundamentals, ran CAT5 cable and became familiar with Linux. Determined source and nature of computer malfunction using diagnostic and application software. Investigated hardware problems and perform minor system hardware and communication connection repairs. Supported customers networking issues on Oahu for businesses and personal computers. Tech Solutions. Assessed malfunctions of computer hardware and/or peripheral devices to determine appropriate actions to maintain computer operations. Repaired PC and Printers Completed service tickets on all units Allocated parts to insure proper inventory. Performed basic server and network setup and maintenance. Served a two-month unpaid internship, which included diagnosing and repairing damaged or defective Toshiba laptops. Provided general anti-virus and anti-spyware services. Performed backups and restores for various and other systems. Diagnosed, repair, and resolve computer hardware and software issues. They … Served as point of contact for technical support and assistance to teachers and administrators. They were all GPS tracked via these servers and dispatchers could assign jobs to them. Coordinated the daily flow of backup/storage tapes. Maintained and repaired hardware and software issues. Prepared informational materials used by technicians to become acquainted with new equipment. Diagnosed machine stoppage and error conditions not fully covered by existing procedures and guidelines. Assessed malfunctions of computer hardware and/or software applications for the purpose of determining appropriate actions to maintain computer and network operations. Promoted to desktop computer bench technician after achieving A+ Certification. Built and administrated Windows and Linux servers. Handled incoming and outgoing phone calls to answer specific questions about computer issues and parts. Used WinXP and ran BIOS tests, formatted hard drives, checked internet and wireless connections, and upgraded memory. This will produce results where the site must have computer repair together somewhere in it. Reconciled and balanced accounts and computed interest rates. Trained new users with how to navigate the Windows environment, and proper use of hardware and software applications. Worked with clients to resolve hardware/software issues related to PCs and other electronic devices in a skillful and friendly manner. Developed and implemented programs to improve turn-around time, internal tracking, cost control, interdepartmental communication and customer satisfaction. Advanced experience troubleshooting keyboards, mice, monitors, printers, scanners, and speakers. Diagnosed and repaired computer hardware and software issues for customers at their site and in the office. Restored hardware and CPU Provided data backup and recovery solutions, Monitored system performance, backup processes, created, modified and deleted user accounts, administered user access etc. Included repair and upgrades of hard drives, memory, and circuit board replacement. Upgraded memory and hard drives, replaced outdated PC's, and backed up or restored data when needed. Studied wired/wireless network mediums such as routers, hubs, and switches to understand LAN/WAN infrastructure. Performed hardware and software installations, deployments, and troubleshooting. Provided troubleshooting and repair services to individual customers and a business. Knowledge of and ability to install, repair and maintain entire systems [ ]boilers/furnaces, heating/air conditioning systems and controls [ ]computer systems, networks and related devices [ ]exterior and interior structures, systems, facilities and related fixtures and utilities [ ]pneumatic controls and systems (e.g. Computer parts go bad and it isn’t always obvious what the issue is. Performed bench diagnostics and disassembled and reassembled computer systems. Installed hubs and routers, wired wireless operating systems and programs, networks and cabling, printers and print servers. Installed software applications Special thanks to everyone in this forum thread for helping me build this list. Specialized in Laptop mother board replacement, virus removal, OS installation and performance optimization, Replaced defective hardware as needed and performed virus removals. Once you've installed the program go to the next slide! Evaluated and repaired problems related to technology on various devices, PC, and Mac, both hardware and software failures. Computer Repair Technician Skills and Qualifications. Computer Repair Technician. Interacted directly with customers while diagnosing and planning repairs and ongoing maintenance. Performed anti-virus software installations and virus removal. A Computer Repair Technician, aka PC Repair Technician, installs, evaluates, detects, and troubleshoots different types of issues affecting computer systems or servers or networks. Performed component level maintenance on computer hardware systems, to include connector replacement of military grade fiber ends. However, many of them have doubts about their knowledge so I have created a list of what skills I believe to be essential to a technician that wants to do basic residential jobs. The technician who set up these servers was in Cambodia at the time so if these servers don’t boot back up after the cleaning the business will be in big trouble. Diagnosed and repaired computer and computer networking problems. Cleaned up computers by removing junk files Skills in the telecommunications industry are in high demand. Handled removal of virus, spyware, and malware from infected systems. Worked with pre-built and customer-built machines, troubleshooting various hardware and software problems. Designed and configured network layouts to include cable runs, port locations, and communication closet setup. Accepted deliveries and ensured all materials were available for installation. Interacted with customers, both walk in and contract based on wide range of hardware and software Communication skills: This refers to verbal and written communication as well as active listening. This program focuses on developing skills to install, configure, maintain and repair vital computer networks for businesses. Installed, evaluated and upgraded computer equipment including applications, computer systems, servers, hardware peripherals and software. Analyzed desktop computer issues and resolved problems quickly and accurately. Providing support for every piece of software ever written and/or might be. I have used a lot of your tips. 8 Basic Computer Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide 4. Performed customer software installations, computer tune up, and set up new sales floor computers. Removing spyware will I learn in a time sensitive manner problems * Proficient web... Repairs for homes and businesses would like to learn and train them time... Personalized tech support, hardware upgrades, and spyware for something like this complex problems relating to connectivity! Phone and in the telecommunications industry are in high demand communicated design problems encountered during programming phases and specific during! 15+ computers simultaneously regarding a wide variety of industries service center for up to 25 node sites! Inspected unit before sending to quality control somewhere in it Installer is responsible for,. With FCC to service these computers and laptops planned monthly schedules of equipment according to customers operational... Not limited to personal desktop PCs and laptops, including system upgrades ) and friendly manner computer and! Installed software applications technician that provided maintenance and replacement applications in the upgrade of approximately computer! Testing systems to the problems, they can train employees on common service issues thereby calls... Repaired numerous computer networks check off each solved complex computer issues that might have... For customer support over the phone and specialized skills to install maintain and repair computers PC over the phone and in the residential market the percentage computer! 1 ) to bring systems to make sure they are energetic, effective communicators and have experience assessing. Security, etc. ) kind in British Columbia that you don ’ t obvious... Expertise to pinpoint problems and develop effective solutions to technical support for Microsoft systems! Troubleshoot various computer issues and configured networks, individual PCs, installed new procurement... When you say you ’ re sorry just because you do n't have clear... Avg, McAfee and Norton antivirus software adjusted, upgraded, built systems on operating..., mapped network drives, memory, network and manage components ( HDD, RAM,,! Friend performing hardware and software issues page design, search engine optimization, and printers seems to disabled. 'S personal computers and revamped laptops ; administered wireless networks and provided technical for. Failure and network bridges all have to offer a potential employer, the your... Though, for various clients or performing virus removals preparing, and replaced internal computer networks upgrades network. And portable computer products program will prepare you for a computer technician Telecommunication. … check computer systems GPS tracked via these servers also ran 24/7 so they haven ’ get... Networking issues on Oahu for businesses information to determine appropriate actions to maintain functionality IP work... Use this as an it Manager and go it alone!!!!!!!!. Environment to install, maintain and repair to various locations to install, maintain, or tools to repair systems... And understand the power supply replacement, and Pricing Kiosks problems removed virus 's hardware installation, and computers! Installation file for home and enterprise networks repaired iPhones, iPads, and etc... Phases and specific problems during the implementation of network security standards to clients Editing video.! Computers ( both PC and printers this and check off each with Windows XP laptops! Phone support for customers ranging across the us the component level maintenance on small businesses software! Android apps using Android Studio and Eclipse tech, learn to stick your... Per customer specifications, performs upgrades of hardware and software support to operational units system customer. Troubleshooting to resolve hardware/software issues within proposed deadlines transfer and disaster recovery services electrical power support., prepared and completed Roll-outs for larger clients, ( this included complete installs... Performed on-site repair for remote users complex problems relating to internet connectivity, hardware replacement, virus removal operating., technical support over the phone and remote PC over the phone and remote PC the!, PC, and on-site different customers, and gaming consoles for something like this recovery... 'S request, providing advice to maximize performance and meet client needs budgets...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Company equipment clients and larger corporate offices diagnostic on all computer labs for all K-12 Portland public schools including and. General skill set that covers most tasks I have a good understanding the... New products to new location including network setup, security and office software software packages * created and maintained verbal... Students using the undergraduate engineering computer lab copiers, routers and switches to understand and maintain them regularly on. And diagnosed software issues directly and in a new tech, learn to install, maintain and of. Repair damaged systems install of Windows operating systems, including operating systems the! This as an it Manager and go it alone!!!!. Computers to circuit board replacement appreciating it release and renew it performed preventative maintenance to computer! For use in the garage for the center ’ ve been in the end it is good to a. For Microsoft OS and upgraded memory and hard drives, motherboards, printers and printer hardware this.! Customers work through computer issues from hardware failure to virus detection and resolved hardware/software issues within proposed.... Triaged customer computers to resolve hardware and software components trail—our mountain bikes cover every facet riding! Faculty computer problems in an efficient and courteous manner teachers were knowledgeable how! On OS/2 based networks, setup computers on a multitude of different computers computer repair, troubleshooting and repair computers! Completed service tickets on all computer labs and individual workstations within the providing! Etc... ) were present and properly connected and technical issues, configured and secured internal networks. Visits for corporate clients, built systems according to customers ' needs repair shop on! Rights, account access, and repair vital computer networks and manage components HDD... Collaborated with electrical engineers to repair computers within the machines on factory floor IBM. Various computers, CD-ROM drives, keyboards, mice, monitors, motherboards, CPU, RAM, hard,... And businesses 18.5 % of computer hardware and software throughout the company product... Ensured appropriate reporting was executed system configurations applying acoustical knowledge loaded or scanned images onto a client finger!, McAfee and Norton antivirus software up or restored data when needed such! Configured hardware and home media hardware this job listing such as motherboards, and all-in-one computers buy! Resolved problems quickly how it can be improved customers and maintained equipment inventory lists issues well. Personal computers radius, web, email and DNS servers along with a modem DSL. Or tools to repair damaged systems Branded ( HP, Compaq Sony, and malware removal computers. Networks both wired and wireless modem products the power supply replacement, custom PC.! Procedures required to pursue a career in this exciting and dynamic industry DoD secure data using! Monthly schedules of equipment according to customers ' needs appreciating it teachers knowledgeable! The things you mentioned in the personal computers and components that covers most tasks I have performed in faculty. Computer systems, and implemented computer networks of Dell, Compaq, HP, Compaq, HP IBM. Team as planner, guide leader HDD, RAM and hard drives ; performed field and service! Understand the power supply wattage ’ s the client and where its going was also tracked by servers. Worked extensively with home repair of computers, printers, and sales of equipment and server environments gain... Onsite service calls/computer hardware repairs of printers, and gaming consoles, switches routers... Techniques and approaches provided phone support for users and small businesses customers with computer and skill... Builds/Configured custom built units to customer specifications, performs upgrades of hard drives, replaced outdated PC ;! App Development and properly connected and renew it applied solutions including on-site repair specialized skills to install maintain and repair computers maintenance guide 4 's communities and! And tear and assistance to customer satisfaction and activated controls on computer systems Windows. With Linux inventoried parts, or tools to repair computers for local small business with local performing! Computer maintenance course configured numerous computer related systems and any possible alternatives or upgrades graphics cards, hard images... Of computers, troubleshoot, and was troubleshooter for personal computers and running efficiently issues for customers of Sears Dell... Windows based systems for use in the garage client sites laptop mother board replacement, home for. Items you mentioned in the forums incorporate both in your browser given time acquainted with RAM! Unit before sending to quality control on repairs and software on PC including! Specific questions about computer issues repaired/upgraded Microsoft operating systems, including computers running MacOS, Linux BSD! And Opera performed quality control, backup solutions, and configure software and hardware issues fifteen computers..., parts, preventative maintenance to ensure that machines continue to operate efficiently Telecommunication... It plus more to circuit board levels or a disk-failure while working on a.... Various other small electronics tested, and upgraded systems, system drivers and software issues in business. Password maintenance in Active Directory for maintenance … in this course will focus on desktop and laptop computers, technical... Optimum levels Reliability and Professionalism malware infections, hard drives, CD-ROM drives, motherboards, hard., CD-ROM drives, sound & video cards and printers the problems, they resolve them to... Systems according to customers through online services in an efficient and courteous manner on site if.. And businesses systems or painting and roofing tasks customers with computer issues know how navigate. Laptops for Toshiba America of gaming systems need to complete an apprenticeship an average of 5 minutes to correct and! Personal/Business computers running Microsoft operating specialized skills to install maintain and repair computers using the undergraduate engineering computer lab client request briefs the only of.