But they all came to have breakfast at the … On April 5, 2015 Brian flew one of the over 160 balloons he has built from Post Mills, Vermont to Lyme, New Hampshire. ft. and then to 88,000 (by the hands-down king of homebuilding, Brian Boland). Brian Boland is a colorful character, and his ballooning accomplishments are extraordinary. Since 1971, he has built more than 130 balloons of all shapes, sizes, and materials, including six hot air airships. Overview. Some of my family's "heirlooms" were donated to the collection during my time as postmaster in that village, knowing that I could probably see them again, … Lesser known is Boland’s penchant for collecting major amounts of stuff, from rusty old cars, motorbikes, and abandoned … I also learned that he is the most experienced balloonist with the most “burner hours” (time spent on the burner of the balloon). Vermontasaurus stands 25-feet high and is 122-feet long from snout to tail - large enough to have qualified as a building at one point! Caddo Mills Texas, United States. Go see his Vermontosaurus. He also has a good selection of balloon parts, fabric, and … And indeed our first flight … Janet L Arnold is on Facebook. One of the lessons was to fly a balloon “at night” over the forest. Ballooning in Post Mills Vermont with Brian Boland What a great way to start the day! Join Facebook to connect with Janet L Arnold and others you may know. Since 1971, he has built more than 130 balloons of all shapes, sizes, and materials, including six hot air airships. Listen to some fascinating stories of Brian's incredible balloon inventions! Boland has conceived a very light, collapsible basket for hot air balloons. Brian Boland Post Mills Airport P.O. I found out it features two counter-rotating props with a pressurizing fan mounted on the roof of the car. established and ran his own management consulting firm for 11 years. modlbaln.jpg - The model balloon mentioned just above. "Brian Boland is one of the most experienced and well-known pilots in the world with more than 10,000 hours piloting hot air balloons," Long said. Brian Boland, your pilot, has been ballooning since 1970. Brian has flown balloons all over the world, including the Alps and the Andes. 4baluns.jpg - Balloons in different stages of inflation and flight 5baluns.jpg - Phil's burner and cables in the foreground with other balloons in background renaiss.jpg - Lawrence Feir's balloon "Renaissance" immediately after being stood up. The Balloon Museum and the unique construction facilities doubtlessly make the Post Mills Airport a highly attractive destination for experimental balloonists. Rates. ! maintained, and flown both type certified and experimental When his students heard about it they badgered him and finally convinced him to take it up again, and he became hooked. Experimental Balloon and Airship Association P.O. It contains excellent reports, general … The Vermontasaurus is the creation of Brian Boland, a retired teacher and experimental balloon pilot, who with a crew of volunteers used scrap lumber obtained from a collapsed portion of Boland's private museum and hot-air balloon manufacturing facility to build the sculpture, starting in June 2010. pilot's certificate. Amazingly, with American balloon maker, Brian Boland, who has operated Boland Balloons in Vermont since the 1980s, the whole balloon was sewed up in Pete’s lounge. In order to foster the development of homebuilt experimental lighter-than-air craft, Brian Boland founded the Experimental Balloon and Airship Association (EBAA) at the Post Mills Airport. Some people say he's crazy. Brian Boland, founder of the Experimental Balloon and Airship Association in Post Mills, Vt., said news about Nott’s death hit the industry pretty … Just back from a fantastic weekend, a reunion with around 100 folks who are the pioneer hot air balloon flyers from the late 60’s and 70’s who flew the early days of hot air ballooning in the Northeast. “Fred is a BIG guy. At that point, Brian Boland is definately one of the people to converse … "There's no structure to it -- it's a happening." And so it is: spontane-ous, unpredictable, capricious, even a bit bizarre. phil3.jpg - Phil's balloon directly overhead. Brian is certainly a character! Balloon pioneer, airport owner, and collector Brian Boland teaches Ryan zen and the art of hot air ballooning and takes the coolest coffee break ever caught on camera. In fact, packed up Boland envelopes and baskets are small and light enough to be taken on airline flights as regular check-in luggage. It's a cavernous, multi-story structure, lit only by … Box 51 Post Mills, VT 05058 Tel: (802) 333-9254 E-mail: balloons@vermontel.net If you want to build a balloon, there are some good ways to find information. Contact Brian Boland @ 802-333-9254 In addition, he is a world famous balloon designer. Brian Boland, Vermont, USA ——————————————————— Hello everyone, Piggy Dowlen here. Box 51 Post Mills, VT 05058 (802) 333-9254. Brian has constructed hundreds of balloons and has set dozens of world records so Lenny indeed learned from the best. Follow backyard inventor and world record hot air balloon pilot Brian Boland on his next great adventure. The thing about Brian is he is an eclectic collector of things various and over the years he has accumulated a vast array of everything and on his airfield in his massive hanger / barn under the piles of dust lays this amazing collection of artefacts. Running out to look over the pond, we saw Brian Boland’s hot air balloon hovering in the sunlight. One of them is event coordinator and owner of the Post Mills Airport, Brian Boland. Chuck … Share ideas, techniques, discoveries, material sources. Toggle navigation. He owns and operates the Post Mills Vermont airport. The creature was created by “retired school teacher and experimental balloon pilot,” Brian Boland who constructed the dino from a massive assortment of scrap wood. "Nobody runs a balloon meet like Brian Boland," declares Norman Metivier, a white-haired gent who's been to many a meet in his day. Brian Boland, host of the 8th Experimental Balloon Meet, at the sewing machine on Wednesday night "The Ship" looks tiny between balloon museum and new living addition "Sheep in Heat", the balloon which Brian flew to meet Louise in New Zealand: Louise Boland, now a private pilot, takes off with Shane Robinson on Thursday morning: Laying out a new 73,000 cu ft envelope for FAA inspection: The cat … I aspire to have stories from life experiences and I … Brian … Although relatively new to aviation, he has started the work to get his Boland adopted the name, "Vermontasaurus," from the comment of an onlooker.According to … A portion of the underbelly collapsed in 2012, but … By 7.40 Brian and I were airborne from his private airport Post Mills and we cruised with a gentle 4kt wind down the … At Post Mills you might see twice as many balloons as in … … They have also lived in Carlstadt, NJ and Hackensack, NJ plus 4 other locations. When an individual who is bigger than life comes crashing into your world, it leaves a lasting impression. Learn from Brian Boland the Zen Master of light weight home built flying. Meanwhile, Boland and Johnson had stepped into homemade seatbelt harnesses, rigged with carabiners, to ride the balloon without a basket, and were hard at … Nothing can … professional life, all prior to any connection with airships, started with a Brian is an accomplished hot-air balloon pilot with over 6000 flights and has flown from many parts of the world. This one is about 2000 cubic feet. Experimental Balloon and Airship Association. He is also the proud owner of a den of dinosaurs. Brian Boland rides hot air balloons, he makes hot air balloons, and he collects hot air balloons. It was almost destroyed due to a zoning issue; however, the structure still remains. “Foxtrot” is a 48,000 cubic foot balloon designed by Brian Boland and built by Jordan Long in the summer of 2016. University of Illinois, followed by a Ph.D. in Communication from Michigan That's where the third engine comes in. Balloonmeister, Builder, and Experimenter Extraordinaire Brian Boland hosted this extravagantly compact gathering of aeronauts at his own airport! Brian sells designs, kits, and completed balloons. Login or Register . Her capacity was increased, too - twice - first to 80,000 cu. But where to fly here?? "He has been a balloon designer and manufacturer since 1971 and has flown all over the world. YES. Firstly, many, many, congratulations on this achievement; very much something to celebrate, so I hope you have all had a good evening so far.

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