He first appears in the v.09.2 CMC Expansion Pack. When Cloud is firing the normal version in the air, he will stall slightly. LB Blade Beam can be used as a mix up and also keep people who like to dash at you with no regard for jumping on their toes. HOW TO UNLOCK IN 3DS? 2) Limit takes 420 frames (7 seconds) to fully charge. Cloud will rush forward making two swipes with his Buster Sword towards the screen as if using the Double-Cut materia saying, “You cannot defeat me.” Moveset Edit Standard Special Edit. Ultimate. Let's start with his special moves. Blade Beam (B) – Slashes the air to send out a shock wave.During Limit Break, the wave can hit multiple enemies. 1) Cloud's strongest move for killing Luma is dash attack or the second hit of up-b. It also travels slower, dissipating at just over half the length of Final Destination. Have Cloud join the player's party in World of Light.With the exception of the third method, Cloud must then be defeated on Midgar. Not sure I wanna lose my Avenger tag despite beating him. An Effect Mod for Super Smash Bros. (3DS) Super Smash Bros. (3DS) / Effects / Other/Misc. Attacks Hitbox Active FAF Base Dmg. This move sends out an energy slice from Cloud's sword. Cloud wields his iconic Buster Sword as a DLC character in Super Smash Bros. for the WiiU and Nintendo 3DS. Blade is a playable newcomer starter character in Super Smash Flash. But this is a fantastic idea! It travels 3/5 the length of Final Destination. Issues. Finally, some miscellaneous info. Cases where this doesn't occur are against physical projectiles such as Link's Bombs. HOW TO UNLOCK IN WII U? Jabs, f-smash, d-smash and up throw also work. Ultimate. Nibelheim's SOLDIER First Class storms into battle! Blade Beam is more effective when used on the ground rather than when airborne. Defeat 200 enemies in battle after you have obtained Blade Beam. The beam will follow the contour of the terrain, continuing at the terrain's angle even if it sails off an edge, making it an effective projectile on slopes. Embed. Cloud's "Blade Beam" attack not only does four times as much damage as a regular attack, but also dissipates after hitting the intended target, hitting every other enemy for regular damage. But he does distinguish himself from the Roys, Links, and Ikes of Smash Ultimate in a few key ways. When used, Cloud fires a wave of energy that heavily damages one enemy and creates a shockwave that deals lesser damage to other enemies. It also appeared in Final Fantasy Tactics as one of Cloud's skills, and in Dissidia Final Fantasy as one of Cloud's Bravery attacks. Any of Cloud s punch attacks and Specials involving use of the Buster Sword have infinite priority, which is expectable but can give Cloud an advantage, though some of Cloud's kicks also have infinite priority due to the attacking hitbox overlapping the collision hitbox. I didn't get Cloud's Blade Beam SSB! Endless Dreams. I'm quitting!! Cloud was one of the many fighters that fell under Dharkon's control upon Galeem's first defeat. AncientAstro 11 months ago #1. When Cloud has Limit Break active, the Blade Beam travels farther on both ground and air and deals multiple damage if it hits the opponent successfully, causing higher knockback by the last hit; its color also changes to blue. DLC - Date available: 16/12/2015. Cloud's Final Smash is one of his classic Final Fantasy moves, the Omnislash. Updates. 3. Overview. He is unlocked in the Sacred Land sub-area in the Realm of Darkness, guarding the Master Sword required to … Cloud's neutral move is the Blade Beam. If he lands before firing the beam, this will count as him using the 'grounded' version and deal its full damage/knockback. License. Well actually, invincibility for Limit Break Blade Beam in the OP refers to Cloud being immune to damage and knockback. Forward Aerial, Down Aerial and the third hit of Climhazzard can Meteor Smash. Cloud and his sword are playable in Super Smash … Up Smash: 15.6 % (21.8 %) Cloud brings his Bustersword above his head in an arch. Go to the other end of the platform and just keep launching them. Blade beam does insignificant shield damage, and is really slow, so you are free to take your time to approach the Cloud, or even not approach at all and make them come to you. Cloud (クラウド Cloud) is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII and appears as a third-party veteran in Super Smash Bros. While Cloud's blade beam and limit blade beam come faster than some of Gunner's projectiles they are slower than fair and charge blast … In terms of helping Cloud, I feel it gives him another move in his arsenal. Meteorain launches six meteors towards enemies which will each hit for 1.625x the damage that Cloud’s weapon does when using the Attack command. Interestingly, in Final Fantasy VII and several other forms of Final Fantasy media, Cloud does a downward slash to activate Blade Beam, as opposed to the upward slash seen in Smash. In addition, he also has Meteorain (or Meteor Shots, whichever you prefer) that literally throws meteors from his sword. cloud Menu. His Up Special, Climhazzard, is quite fast and launches Cloud upwards, much like Marth and Lucina's Dolphin Slash. It can also be equipped by Kirby when copying Cloud. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It can however punish rolls and techs which can make it an effective option on an opponent after throwing them. Mobile-friendly Frame Data for Cloud in Super Smash Bros. Play VS. matches, with Cloud being the 55th character to be unlocked. Cloud moves. Blade Beam is a Bravery attack for Cloud, which can only be used while on the ground and is a low, ranged, magical melee attack. Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. Special Attacks - Smash Bros. The animation of Blade Beam greatly differs from the original Final Fantasy VII and Dissidia versions; in Smash Bros. This page was last edited on December 21, 2020, at 23:53. Blade Beam, Special, Special , b or b (hold) move for Cloud in Super Smash Bros. 4 execution, strategy guide, tips and tricks. Some recolors of Cloud's Blade Beam. In Cloud's Final Fantasy VII artwork , the blade is a lighter color on the bladed edge, while the rest of the blade is dark gray, and the handguard appears to be bolted or riveted into place. Cloud Strife Home Stage Midgar Origin Final Fantasy VII Release Date January 31, 1997 Works Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy Tactics Dissidia: Final Fantasy Offense 8/10 Defense 4/10 Projectile 6/10 Weight 6/10 Speed 2/10 Recovery 6/10 Throwing Ability 4/10 Final Smash 7/10 Standard Special Blade Beam Side Special Cross-Slash Up Special Braver When used from the air, the values are reduced to 15%/10% for the initial target and additional targets respectively (with an expected drop in knockback). Blade Beam pops Cloud up a little bit when used in midair which is cool except it only has this effect once until you touch the ground again, and Cloud is left unable to act for so long after using blade beam that it doesn't matter or help in recovery. Cloud Strife Home Stage Midgar Offense 8/10 Defense 4/10 Projectile 7/10 Weight 6/10 Speed 3/10 Recovery 6/10 Throwing Ability 5/10 Final Smash 5/10 Standard Special Blade Beam Side Special Cross-Slash Up Special Braver Down Special Meteorain Final Smash Omnislash Origin Final Fantasy VII (PS) Release Date of Origin January 31st, 1997 Works Addition Cloud's ability upon being absorbed by Kirby is now Sword. Ultimate. Mobile-friendly Frame Data for Cloud in Super Smash Bros. Appears in Blade Beam is more powerful when shot along the ground than in the air. Regular Blade Beam, not too sure. Kirby uses it to perform Blade Beam against opponents. With a Limit Break activated, the properties of Cloud's special moves change.These can only be used once per Limit Break:Blade Beam deals multiple hits and higher knockbackCross Slash delivers five automatic slashes that deal high damage and … Cloud using Blade Beam on Midgar in Smash 4, Cloud using the Limit Break version of Blade Beam on the same stage in Smash 4. These are the variations: Like the other DLC characters, Cloud lacks custom move variations. DLC - Date available: 16/12/2015. When fired rightward onto the Great Fox's sharkfin on, When Blade Beam's Limit Break version was demonstrated during the December 15, 2015 Final Video Presentation, it was mistakenly said to have "stonger launch" instead of "st. No matter what version of Blade Beam is used, Cloud has slight horizontal maneuverability while casting it in the air. If used on the ground, this beam deals 8% damage at close range and 6% past half distance. It has wide range and can be used in both air and on ground but is more powerful on the ground. If it hits the target, it can induce Chase. Meanwhile, if used in the air, the beam's damage is reduced by 2% at all ranges. The shockwave would split, hitting mutiple targets. Side Special - Cross Slash. Blade Beam can be used on the ground and in the air, but deals more damage and covers more distance if used on the ground. Blade Beam itself is slow moving and a little weak, but these are the things you need to learn and implement well. Cross Slash (Side + B) – Executes an attack that can be expanded into the full combo with two follow-up button presses. If they saw the game now they would be kicking themselves in the ass. And if they shield it, you can dash in.

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